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E. Garcia Granite warrants to you, the owner of the original installation of
granite that upon the following terms and conditions E. Garcia Granite will repair, or replace, without charge your granite within the first 5 years of installation. The warranty does not cover damage caused by physical, chemical or other abuse, normal wear and tear, acts of nature, or scratches and chips.


This warranty applies only to granite fabricated and installed by E. Garcia Granite.  This warranty applies to the installations of granite, that
have been permanently installed in residences for countertop usage and that has not been removed from the original and permanent installation. 

If during or after the installation, you decide that you do not approve of
the material you selected or the natural color variations and veining of your installation, replacement is not covered by this warranty.  This warranty does not cover the natural characteristics of the stone, which include but are not limited to, color variations, waterlines, fissures or surface pits and blemishes.

A courtesy seal is applied to all countertops at the time of
installation.  It is recommended that the customer apply a long lasting
sealer within 6 months of installation and once every 6 months to a year
thereafter.  Natural stone is porous and therefore result in
staining.  Food or liquid stains, damage caused by chemical or physical
use or abuse are definitely excluded within this warranty.

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